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Verve commissioned by Discovery to make Pacific Adventure Film - 15 Jan 2012



Verve Productions has been commissioned by the Discovery Channel to make a film about fearless adventurer ex-Falkland veteran Mick Dawson, who thrives on adrenalin and danger.  The one-off special will be broadcast in Spring 2012.

Having already rowed across the Atlantic twice, a voyage that Mick regards as “easy”. Mick set himself the ultimate challenge, to row almost 7000 miles across the most hazardous sea in the world - the Pacific Ocean. In two previous attempts Mick had nearly died , but he was determined to succeed whatever the danger. So for his record-beating attempt, he recruited one of the world’s best oarsman, bronze medallist rower Chris Martin.


Together they would risk their lives over and over again. They faced hurricanes, life-threatening electrical storms, waves of over 50 feet, near starvation and a fire that almost killed them. Yet against all odds, the two men, achieved what had never been done before – they become the first men to row across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco.  


Verve has exclusive access to the unique footage they recorded onboard every step of their compelling 189 day journey. This material together with powerful interviews from Mick and Chris will tell an extraordinary and high adrenalin adventure story, which will grip and inspire audiences.



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