Verve's Filming My Father Broadcast Date confirmed - 10 Feb 2015

 Verve Productions groundbreaking documentary Filming My Father: In Life and Death will be broadcast at 7pm on 11 March 2015 on Channel 6. BBC Worldwide is the distributor.

Delivering a first in documentary film making, this programme follows the reality and actuality of one family in crisis over four years. The documentary captures the story of their lives, minute by minute, as they struggle to come to terms with the father Steve Isaac’s terminal illness - motor neurone disease (MND). The programme produces a unique filmic record of the progress of MND from the moment of diagnosis, something that has never been achieved before.

To enable stories to be filmed the moment they occur, the father’s son, Fraser, has been hired as an additional camera operator and trained in actuality camera skills. This together with the intimate and personal approach of the main narrative filming enables the film to capture a unique unfolding story that would have otherwise been impossible to shoot.

Commissioners Andrew O'Connell/Emma Westcott
EP/Director Liz Tucker
Film Editor Martin Johnson
AP& Additional Camera Fraser Isaac
Professional Cameraman Robert Hollingworth

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