Liz gives keynote speech at Trailblazing Women Conference - 27 June 2018

Today, Liz gave the keynote speech at the start of the Trailblazing confereene at Greenwich University. She spoke about  women and diversity in the independent sector and  the influence of investors on the types of  programmes companies make. In particular, Liz pointed to the impact the 2003 legislation had had on the growth of the superindie, reducing the number of programmes made by smaller companies.

Later in the day, Liz also interviewed Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, who in a world-beating initiative set and achieved a target  that within five years 50% of the films funded by her institute would be made by women. Anna pointed out we don’t need more reports about action, we just need action. How wonderful it would be if  British organisations  followed the Swedish example and aimed equally high.

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