WFTV moves event programme online - 23 March 2020

Following the Covid-19 lockdown, WFTV has been working to move its event programme online, so from 23 March 2020, all events will be available via Zoom.

Chair and Acting CEO, Liz Tucker, said: "we have been preparing for this since February, so have been able to move quickly to transfer our entire events programme online. While, obviously, we are disappointed not to be able to run any events in person at the moment. There are advantages to the online programme for  those women living outside London or with caring or other responsibilities who have found it hard to attend events. We hope this will also make our events accessible to more members". 

While the online event programme is running the number of events provided each week will increase and WFTV will also be bringing in some new events strand in additon to the usual seminars and workshops.

The online programme will introduce a new Table Read strand, Member meet-ups, Social Media advice and Meet the Talent Manager.

When lockdown ends WFTV will return to running in person events and if there is demand from members will also continue to run a number of online events.

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