MP Daisy Cooper panellist on WFTV Event - 6 October 2020

With many freelancers and self-employed workers now into their sixth month with little or no income, This panel event  Freelancers - What Next discussed what should be the next step in the campaign to get a fair deal for all.

MP Daisy Cooper, a member of the Excluded All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), was joined by ExcludedUK founder, Sonali Joshi, whose group has led much of the campaigning for those unable to access either of the government’s support schemes and Philippa Childs, Head of BECTU, in a discussion hosted by WFTV chair and acting CEO,, Liz Tucker.

The panel discussed the strong all party support for financial help for freelancers who currently fall between the gaps of the current government schemes.

The APPG has support from all the main political parties and is the largest APPG ever formed. In addition, the treasury committee has also recommended that new measures are need to help those freelancers and self-employed workers left with no support. 

Daisy and Sonali discussed  their plans to set up surgeries with individual MPs so that they can hear from their local freelancers. Philippa emphased the importance of keeiping the issue in the public eye, through placing regular stories in the media, and continuing to lobby politicians,





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