Liz Tucker and Tracy Forsyth host WFTV Christmas Quiz - 15 December 2020

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, WFTV was uable to host its December annual awards ceremony at London's Park Lane Hilton, so in celebration of the fact that this is WFTV's 30th year, last night the organisation decided to throw a 30th anniversary online Christmas quiz instead.

Chair and Acting CEO Liz Tucker and WFTV's Director of Mentoring Tracy Forsyth, hosted the popular evening that celebrated 30 years of the organisation's success, with a quiz night that aimed to test every facet of the WFTV members' creativity!

The event was run with a mixuture of Zoom break-out rooms and meeting rooms, giving everyone the chance to mingle.

The teams were put through their paces by an electic range of quiz rounds which include a Gavin and Stacey memory test, identifying objects from a Christmas dinner, drawing Christmas cartoons, pitching the perfect Christmas film and  a film anagrams round. But toughest of all was a round that in a list of words asked teams to work out which of the words were Tolkien characters and which were drugs.

After a tightly fought contest, the winners were declared. Each member of the triumphant team will be receiving  a festive gift of a Woman Who Changed the World mug.

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