born twice Born Twice
BBC ONE Living Proof series (Co-production with Discovery)
An unborn child has revolutionary foetal surgery, while he is still in his mother’s womb.

The Guardian
"The operation is extraordinary and the footage of it astonishing, other doctors contend that the operation presents too high a risk. This absorbing fim examines the arguments".
Sudden Death Sudden Death
BBC TWO Horizon series (Co-production with Discovery)
A multiple murder that had been hidden in a prestigious medical journal for over 20 years was revealed.
Won RTS award for best documentary series

Western Daily Press
"I felt shell-shocked after watching Horizon:Sudden Death. This meticulously researched investigation told such a tragic story".
description of image here The Limits to Birth
BBC TWO Horizon series (Co-production with TLC)
Today's advances in neonatal care mean that a 23-week infant has a chance of life. But has medical science now reached a 'biological brick wall', or will doctors continue to save younger and younger babies?

The Guardian
“Liz Tucker's absorbing film explores the moral and scientific dilemmas. The documentary was a journalistically rigorous and morally complex examination of medical developments in the care of premature babies”.
give up for good Giving Up for Good
Following different smokers and drinkers trying to kick the habit..
tomorrows world roadshow Tomorrow’s World Roadshow
Filming live scientific experiments for an OB show.
description of image here Nerve Transplant
Following the work of a unique nerve transplant surgeon, Dr Susan McKinnon, who by transplanting nerves from donors is bringing back movement to the limbs of previously paralysed patients.

The Guardian
“Liz Tucker's fascinating film”
super specs Superspecs
Following the travels of a British inventor, Professor Josh Silver around Ghana with a pair of self-adjustable glasses that he was convinced could save the sight of millions.

The Guardian
“This absorbing documentary follows the British inventor to Ghana for the first field tests of the specs. The response is ecstatic”.
Tomorrows World Tomorrow’s World
Producing a wide range of science and medical stories from around the world. This included the story of Trevor Baylis and his Clockwork Radio. Following the broadcast of the film, Trevor was able to get funding for his radio and get his invention out to Africa.