Liz’s programmes include:

Rowing the Pacific Rowing the Pacific
Presented by James Cracknell, this is the incredible tale of two men who risked their lives to set a new world record rowing almost 7000 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

TV Times
"Thrilling and inspirational,
a fascinating watch"
The Ultimate Climb The Ultimate Climb
Presented by James Cracknell, this is the remarkable story of student mountaineer Geordie Stewart, who attempted to climb the highest mountain in each of the world’s seven continents.

The Mail on Sunday
"compelling and disturbing"
the man who faked his life The Man Who Faked His Life
Channel 4
Jean-Claude Romand was the envy of all his friends. Yet the man everyone believed in, didn’t exist at all. For nearly two decades, he lived a tortuous double life, when it finally began to unravel, the result would be fatal.

The Guardian
“terrific documentary, heart breaking, incredible stuff”
what the ancients did for us What the Ancients Did For Us: The Indians
Historian Adam-Hart Davies explored the technical and medical advances of ancient India.

Daily Mirror
“I love the series What The Ancients Did For Us. Who says history has to be dull and boring?”
life before birth Life Before Birth
Series about the work of Professor Kypros Nikolaides who treats women suffering from life-threatening pregnancies.

The Times
“a powerful two-part documentary following Professor Kypros Nikolaides”
in search of genius In Search of Genius
What makes a child a potential genius? This documentary followed the progress of mathematical and musical child prodigies to try to discover the answer.

The Observer
“An utterly absorbing two-part documentary which asks: are geniuses born or can they be created?”
the great sperm race The Great Sperm Race
Revealing new evolutionary findings suggesting that the female of the species is as promiscuous as the male.
This was the most popular film at the industry 2004 BBC Showcase.

The Observer
“The perception of the female of the species as shy and monogamous is challenged in humorous fashion…to provide an entertaining and illuminating hour’s television”.
god on the brain God on the Brain
This film examined new research into the human brain, and asked  are we programmed to believe in a God or Gods?
Short listed for Glaxo/ABSW Science Writers’ Award for best science documentary

New Statesman
“The sublime highlight of the show was watching a scientist manipulate Richard Dawkins's temporal lobes”.
Archimedes' Secret Archimedes’ Secret
BBC TWO (Co-production with WGBH NOVA)
The extraordinary saga of an ancient document written by the mathematician Archimedes. Lost for hundreds of years, it could have changed the course of history.
Won Glaxo/ABSW Science Writers’ Award for best science documentary
Won BAFTA for best documentary series

Sydney Morning Herald
"a history whodunit that unfolds like a screen thriller"
the vikings Viking Raids and The Sea Road
BBC TWO series Blood of the Vikings (Co-production with History Channel Canada/TLC)
Series about the genetic and historical past of the Vikings.
Nominated for RTS Award
Certificate of Merit at the San Francisco Film Festival
Won the Palmares Award 2004 

The Sun
“The fascinating story of how Dublin became the centre of a Viking-run slave trade”.